Thursday, November 26, 2009

J.D. Bryant - I Won't Be Coming Back / Walk On In

While I am working on getting some more of my oddities ready for this blog here is a very rare Northern Soul 45 on Shrine Records. An Ebay seller uploaded both tracks so everyone can listen so I figured why not make it available here too. Both songs sound good but I am more amazed at the amount of money people pay for some of the rare soul singles. Finding this 45 in a box of records would be like winning the lottery. According to a copy sold for over $10,000 in 2008. Click here to listen.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Jaromir Mayer - Maly Pritel Z Mesta N / Mavala Mi Malo

Here is another cool Czechoslovakian single from 1972. I dig both songs on this one but the B-side is really where it is at here. I won't attempt to describe it, just make sure you listen to Mavala Mi Malo even if you don't like the A-side. Click here to listen.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Jiri Stedron - Bliz A Bliz / Dzulija

I saw that there was one request in the comments for more of the Czechoslovakian singles that I have so here is one that was released in 1972. I don't like the songs on here as much as the others I have but the B-side is pretty good. Click here to listen.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Unknown Artist - 7 Song Duodisc Acetate - March 1959

Once again, I have an acetate with no artist listed but this has a date of 3/59 or March 1959. The sound quality is not the best here but this is probably the only copy that exists. There is just one man singing & playing solo electric guitar with a sound that is somewhere in between early rock & folk. Click here to listen.
A1. Walking It Over
A2. Jamaica Farewell
A3. Too Much!
A4. Blue Heaven
B1. What Shall I Do?
B2. Found My Love
B3. Rockin' Feelin'

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Unknown Artist - Tossin' & Turnin' - 12" Acetate 45 RPM

There's no picture for this one because the acetate has no labels or markings of any kind, just a plain record with the recording on one side. I had no idea what this was when I bought it but I was definitely pleased to hear this wild version of Tossin' & Turnin'. I have no idea who the artist is or what year it was recorded but it sounds like mid 1960's. Please leave a comment if you know the artist; I would really like to know. Also, I'm curious if this has been released or if I have a one-of-a-kind acetate here. Any info or comments are appreciated & enjoy the track! Click here to listen.

Monday, August 10, 2009

The New Pastels - Live At The Holiday Inn - Sandusky, Ohio

If there's one word to describe what's happening at The Holiday Inn it's F-U-N. It's hard to pin down the chemistry that accounts for the success of this group but each member makes a unique contribution. The unique ability and personalities of these four members puts together an explosive sound that is hard to capture on record. They hope you enjoy a few select tunes that they've chosen for you and join the hundreds of people who have listened with amazement to The New Pastels. (Summary of cover notes)
I am officially one of the hundreds who have listened with amazement. This album is much better than I expected. The songs have a strong jazz influence but definitely rock when they should while retaining the pop sensibilities. I can't find a date anywhere but I would guess this was recorded in the 1970s. You definitely don't want to miss out on this one because it is quite good music plus you won't find it anywhere else. Click here to listen.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

The Fortune Cookies - A Man and A Woman / Toy Balloons

I have never been able to find any info on this record. I just did a Google search and the only thing that comes up is an old Ebay listing. Two interesting instrumentals, nothing extraordinary. I think it was released in or about 1966. Click here to listen.